"This singer/songwriter is armed with the kind of folky precision and roots rock poeticism that you either get at birth or you don’t. Springsteen got it. Dylan got it. Carole King got it. And Means got it, too.

"Clare Means' 'Everybody's Room But Mine' earned her an honorable mention recently in our lyric contest.  Listen to it and you'll instantly know why. 

-American Songwriter Magazine

"Check Clare Means out at  She's worth it!"

"Clare Means has a smoky voice and simple style that stings deep.  Her lyrics explore pain with the direct creative honesty of a dispassionate fairy tale.  She finds a still beating heart at the center of the story of our lives."

"Clare Means has a lovely voice and puts it to good use on her new record.  This album is just great." 

"Clare Means' songs ring for me, hold me through the repetitions like great folks songs will do, and their meaning attaches to parts of my life and the feelings just beneath the surface on a given day. There is perhaps a Clare Means frame of mind in them, which is to me a sense of acceptance and wonder at the damages of daily experience. She won't burn anything in effigy, but I wouldn't want to be the one she's singing about for the most part. She's been hurt into poetry, and has the smolder of Beth Orton in her delivery stripped clean of unnecessary detail. "

Clare Means' voice ranges from a mere flicker to full-on conflagration; there's always a little smoke there, as if she's been singed, or done some singeing herself.  Her new album, "War for Love" isn't so much all-out combat as it is a lyrical boxing match---Means' nimble wordplay has been her calling card since 2008, when she released her debut album "White Bamboo."